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The NEW Bus!
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So how did the new Gunther's Bus come to be?  Let's let Tom tell the story:

"OK, it was my fault. All I did was call up the boys after thirty some years just to see what they were up to. We had this big bash at my house. Familiy, friends, wives, kids, the whole schmeel. It was a memorable event even though most of them left after the food was gone."

"Anyway we talked about getting together to find out what we would sound like after all these years. So we set up in Art's basement and began to hack away at some of our old tunes. It wasn't bad. Our voices were a little rough and our chops weren't really together but we showed promise."

"So we decided re-form the band, get some gigs and see where it would take us."
"Actually," notes Jerry,"We started off doing some of Tom's originals. They sounded great but we began to realize that there would be no place for us to play. Rochester is a very tough town to start off playing originals and there's no quicker way to clear the room than to start playing something that's unfamiliar to the people. It's unfortunate but true."

"So that's when we decided to give them what they want. Some of the best songs from the 60s to present.

"I'm very psyched about this band. I think we're going to do very well in this area."
"We're duh best, man. And we oughtta get paid lots of munny for doin' dis. Any club owner who doesn't  tink so can go fuck demselves."

"An dat goes for duh bookin' agents too. Dere all a bunch of backstabbin' sons-o-bitches and dey can all kiss my ass fer all I care."


"Actually the band is really coming along well. Much much better than I ever expected that it would . We rehearse every Tuesday and Thursday, except for those days that somebody has something else they have to do like family stuff or getting their car fixed or taking somebody to the hospital or having their furnace repaired or dinner plans that they can't get out of and if it aint a holiday it's somebody's birthday or maybe they're actually sick themselves or someone very close to them is sick like a family member or even a good friend or something in which case rehearsal is either swiched to another night or sometimes just cancelled all together in which case Tom would definitely get pissed off 'cause he hates cancelling rehearsals because he's always available for some reason. I mean he's ALWAYS available especially on his birthday because he's retired and so is Jerry and I'm jealous as hell on acount a I got a couple, two, tree years left before I can retire and when I do believe you me I will be much more available than I am right now and then Tom will be proud of me 'cause there won't be nearly as many cancellations except when Carl or Brian cancel which they do sometimes for any of the reasons stated above. Sometimes Jerry cancels even though he's retired 'cause he's got a life too ya know but that's pretty rare actually. I think Tom likes Jerry the best. I think that they might actually be gay but I'm not really sure 'cause blah blah blah blah blah..............."